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Exploring the World of Heavy Jets: Unraveling Luxury and Range

Updated: Jan 16

Beautiful Falcon 7x on a runway in switzerland. This Heavy Jet has long range capabilities and can comfortably accommodate up to 16 passengers. Book this jet with NuCo Jet Charter for your upcoming travels.
Snow White

Welcome to NuCo Jets, your gateway to the epitome of luxury air travel. In this blog, we delve into the realm of Heavy Jets, showcasing their impressive range, lavish interiors, and the extraordinary experiences they bring to the skies.

NuCo Jets is a global provider of private jet charter solutions. Charter your next trip with NuCo Jets

What Are Heavy Jets?

Heavy Jets, a class of private aircraft known for their spacious cabins and extended range, offer an unmatched blend of comfort and performance. Catering to discerning travelers, these jets redefine the boundaries of air travel.

Photo of a global map showing typical and popular plane routes.
Route It

Average Range Capacity:

Heavy Jets boast an impressive average range capacity, allowing for non-stop transcontinental and intercontinental journeys. With ranges often exceeding 4,000 nautical miles, they provide the ultimate in flexibility for your travel itinerary.

Trips They Can Accommodate:

Picture this: From New York to London, Hong Kong to Los Angeles, or even Dubai to Sydney – Heavy Jets effortlessly accommodate long-haul flights, making them the preferred choice for global travel.

A photo of the NYC skyline. New York City is one of the most popular charter destinations.
New York, NY

A picture of the colleseum in Rome, Italy. Italy is one of the most popular charter destination/
Rome, Italy
A picture of Tokyo, Japan. Japan is easily one of the most up and coming destinations to charter a private jet to. Charter your next travels with NuCo Jets
Tokyo, Japan

Convertible to Bedding Style Seats (Layflat Seats):

One of the hallmarks of Heavy Jets is their ability to convert seating arrangements into layflat beds. Experience the utmost comfort with bedding style seats, ensuring a rejuvenating journey, especially on extended flights.

A picture of the interior of a heavy jet showcasing their convertable seat to bedding capabilities. These layflat seats are excellent for for long haul journeys that require rest along the way. Explore your options with NuCo Jet Charter.
Lay - Flat

Average Seating Capacity:

With a spacious interior, Heavy Jets typically accommodate an average seating capacity of 12 to 16 passengers. This allows for an intimate and comfortable travel experience, whether for business or leisure.

Interior photograph of a embraer lineage 1000. This jet can accommodate up to 12 passengers and have transcontinental capabilities
Extra Leg Room?

Other Captivating Facts:

  • Luxurious Interiors: Immerse yourself in opulence with exquisitely designed cabins, featuring state-of-the-art amenities.

  • Advanced Technology: Heavy Jets often incorporate cutting-edge avionics, ensuring a seamless and safe flight experience.

  • Dedicated Cabin Zones: Enjoy privacy and exclusivity with multiple cabin zones for various purposes, from work to relaxation.

an inside look of the Global 7500. one of the most popular heavy jets to charter for long haul journeys.
Inside look

Embark on a journey of luxury and range with NuCo Jets' Heavy Jets. For your global travel needs, experience the pinnacle of private aviation. Contact our team today to elevate your travel experience. Your extraordinary journey awaits with NuCo Jets.

Nuco Jets is a global provider of private jet charter solutions. Charter with NuCo Jet Charter for your next upcoming travels.


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