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Inside the Luxurious World of Private Jets: The Top 10 Most Expensive in the World

Bombardier Global 7000 flying above a city and on its way to its next destination.
Global Reach

Exploring the Pinnacle of Luxury in Private Aviation

When discussing the world’s most expensive private jets, one inevitably thinks of the grandeur owned by major celebrities and VIPs. These high-profile individuals often invest hundreds of millions in acquiring these luxurious flying marvels. From mini concert halls to spa-like interiors, private jet customization knows no bounds.

At NuCo Jets, we focus on providing you insights into the base prices of these exclusive aircraft, shedding light on the epitome of luxury, space, and performance available for chartering and purchase.


Most Expensive Super Midsize Private Jets

Bombardier Challenger 3500 – approximately $28 million

The Challenger 3500, an evolution of the best-selling Challenger 300/350, boasts a charter cost of around $5,600 per hour. Accommodating up to 9 passengers, it offers a flat floor, state-of-the-art seating, and the lowest cabin pressure altitude in its category. With a range of 3,200 nm, it is ideal for transatlantic flights.

The luxurious interior of a 2022 Bombardier Challenger 3500.
Bombardier Challenger 3500

Alternative Aircraft:

  • Embraer Praetor 600: Costing around $21 million, this aircraft features one of the longest ranges in its class (4,018 nm) and an hourly charter cost of $5,200.

  • Citation Longitude: The largest Cessna aircraft in service, seating up to 9 passengers, with an hourly rate of $5,300 USD.

Most Expensive Heavy & Ultra Long Range Aircraft

Gulfstream G500 Interior is the pinnacle of luxury and Opulence
Gulfstream G500

Gulfstream G500 – approximately $50 million

The Gulfstream G500, an evolution of the GIV-G450, offers a redesigned cabin and longer range (approx. 5,200 nm). With an hourly charter cost of about $10,000, it features a stand-up cabin with 3 zones and the most natural light via large windows.

Alternative Aircraft:

Zen interior of a Bombardier Global 7500
Bombardier Global 7500

  • Global 7500: Priced around $75 million, this ultra-long-range business jet provides a range of up to 7,700 nm, a stand-up shower, full-size kitchen, dedicated crew rest area, and high-speed worldwide WiFi.

Lavish and ultra luxurious interior of a Falcon 8X ultra long range private jet. This Jet can accommodate up to 15 passengers and has its own private sleeping quarters.
Falcon 8X

  • Falcon 8X: Approximately $65 million, the legendary Falcon 8X boasts a 3-engine design with a range of up to 6,450 nm, offering a three-zone cabin and exceptional performance in challenging weather environments.

Most Expensive VIP Airliners

Prince Alwaleed's Airbus A380 is the worlds most expensive private jet.
Most Expensive Private Jet : Prince Alwaleed's modified AirBus VIP A380

When celebrities opt for long-haul airliners retrofitted as private jets, costs soar to $400-600 million. These bespoke planes, known for their lavish interiors, include features such as large shower rooms, full-size galleys, meeting rooms, bedrooms, and cutting-edge technology.

Boeing Business Jets (BBJs):

  • Latest models like the BBJ 777X cost around $400 million for the basic plane. The BBJ 777X is the longest-range private jet, with a range exceeding 11,500 nm.

Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJs):

  • The ACJ350, priced between $300 million and $375 million, has a range of 11,100 nm and seats 25 passengers. The ACJ220, at just $81 million, is the latest narrow-body offering.

VIP Airliners Available for Charter

Luxurious Interior designs of a VIP BBJ Airliner.

For those looking to experience opulence without the complexities of plane ownership, VIP airliners are available for charter:

  • BBJ (737-100): Priced under $70 million, accommodating 19 passengers, but with a shorter range of 5985 nm.

  • ACJ320: Seating 19 passengers with a range of 4950 nm, hourly charter costs range from $21,000 to $24,000.

  • AC319: Configured for 19 passengers or Business Class style for up to 50, with a range of 6,000 nm. Hourly charter cost is between $18,000 and $20,000.

Enjoy the Most Expensive Private Planes with NuCo Jets

Owning one of the world's most expensive private jets involves complexities such as crew management, insurance, storage, and maintenance. Fortunately, you can relish the opulence and convenience of private travel on these top-class planes without the hassles.

Contact the experienced team at NuCo Jets to discuss your requirements, and they will help you find the perfect luxury jet for your journey. Reach out to our specialists at +1-877-727-2538 ext. 1 or via email at

Embark on a journey of luxury and comfort with NuCo Jets.


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