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Private Jet Travel for Children, Toddlers, and Young Adults with NuCo Jets

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Ease Your Private Jet Family Travels with NuCo Jets

How Can NuCo Jets Ease Your Family Travels with Children?

One of the best ways to experience private jet chartering is to share the journey with your family. However, as much as traveling with babies, toddlers, or children may sound fun, there is a challenging component. Everybody knows the feeling: a toddler scared of flying, a kid with too much energy and extra excitement for the flight, and all the specific kid-oriented needs, including dedicated meals, additional carry-on baggage, blankets, and many more. So, it is on us to ease the job and let you and your children enjoy the journey. We have listed the reasons why flying with NuCo Jets can be comfortable for your entire family, especially for younger passengers.

Flying with NuCo Jets

With an average of 9% of passengers who fly with us annually being younger people (toddlers and minors), we have become very confident of our procedures when it comes to welcoming your children on board a Nuco Jets private jet flight.

NuCo Jets is a provider of on demand private jet charter solutions on a global scale
NuCo Jets - Private Jet Charter

Can Children Fly Alone When They Charter a NuCo Jet Private Jet Flight? 

The answer is yes. At NuCo Jets, we are used to flying children whose parents live in different countries or those minors who attend boarding schools away from their parents. Minors flying on a NuCo private jet, however, need special procedures before boarding. Our customer care team would hand out a dedicated form to be filled in by parents or guardians, but the guardian would also need to be present at the airport before the children's departure. Our crew will then escort the children on board. At landing, another responsible person should contact our team and pick up the children who have just flown with NuCo Jets. Our crew is instructed to take care of the children by focusing on special attention like removing alcoholic beverages from the plane while the minors are on board and making sure they feel comfortable throughout the whole journey. If the minor is traveling alone, it is not uncommon for the guardian or the parents to specifically ask for a dedicated crew who speak the minor's preferred languages – when possible. Our team is international, and we can cover the most spoken European languages, including English, Italian, French, and Spanish.

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Unaccompanied Minor on a NuCo Jets Private Jet Flight

Starting from when they are 4 years old, minors can charter a Magna Charters private jet alone. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Make sure to fill in a dedicated traveling-minor online template sent over by the Magna Charters customer care during the moment of the purchase.

  • Provide all the required information regarding the children's guardian.

  • Inform the minor about the flight's basic procedure to make sure they are comfortable.

A young girl with her dog engaging with a friendly flight hostess on a private jet, radiating a sense of safety and comfort during the flight.
Safe and Sound: A young girl, her loyal pup, and a caring flight hostess - where safety meets smiles on our private jet journey! 🐾✈️😊 #FlyingWithPeaceOfMind
How Do Private Jet Charters Make It Easy for Children to Feel Safe on Board? 

Of course, we also welcome your children on board when you are choosing to fly as a family. There are several reasons why flying with children is more comfortable on a private jet than when you are choosing commercial airlines.

  • Dedicated private jet terminals ensuring fewer queues and less stress.

  • Freedom to move and express for kids more than on a commercial plane.

  • All the kids' belongings can be brought to the cabin with fewer restrictions.

  • A 100% dedicated crew.

  • Special attentions like specific food and entertainment choices.

A joyful pregnant woman with a beaming smile, eagerly anticipating her upcoming adventure
This glowing mom-to-be is all set for her adventure, embracing the journey ahead with a radiant smile! 🌼✨ #AdventureAwaits
Learn More: Charter a Private Jet When Pregnant 

Is it safe to fly on a private jet when I am pregnant? Pregnant women should take medical advice before planning to fly, and the health and wellbeing of the mother and the baby are our biggest priority. Most scheduled airlines do not allow travel after 36 weeks of pregnancy and require a medical certificate after 32 weeks of pregnancy. Private jet operators generally follow the same guidelines, but there can be some flexibility to fly later if a doctor's letter supports this.

Contact a Private Jet Charter Specialist at Magna Charters

For any inquiries about private jet charters for your family, unaccompanied minor services, or flying while pregnant, please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated team of private jet charter specialists at Magna Charters. We're here to ensure your private jet travel experience is tailored to your specific needs, providing you with peace of mind and comfort from the moment you embark on your journey. Your family's adventure begins with Magna Charters, and we look forward to assisting you with all your private jet travel requirements.

NuCo Jets is a provider of on demand private jet charter solutions on a global scale
NuCo Jets - Private Jet Charter


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