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The Best Private Jet Airports in New York City - A New York City Post

Updated: Jan 21

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New York City stands as one of the most sought-after destinations and departure points in the private jet industry. Being the epicenter of U.S. financial markets, the fashion industry, and a major entertainment hub, New York attracts numerous private jet clients and operators. With over 8 million residents who frequently travel via both private and commercial flights around the clock, 365 days a year, the city boasts several airports.

Within the New York metropolitan area, three major commercial airports—JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark International Airport—are well-known. In addition, there are four primary private jet airports within a reasonable driving distance from Manhattan.

While each private airport offers its own set of advantages and disadvantages, the key factor for private jet flyers is how quickly they can reach their destinations after disembarking from their jets.

Selecting the right executive airports can save you both time and money. Take a moment to explore our curated list of recommended airports for private jet travel when flying to and from New York City.

KTEB – New Jersey – Teterboro Airport

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Teterboro Airport, situated in New Jersey, reigns as the most popular of all executive airports in proximity to New York City. This bustling private jet airport is located just across the river from Manhattan. Exclusively serving private aviation, Teterboro plays a pivotal role for the financial industry and other private jet travelers residing in Manhattan. Located conveniently on Highway 1, TEB is just a stone's throw away from the George Washington Bridge or a short drive from the Lincoln Tunnel. During favorable traffic conditions, Teterboro stands as the closest and most accessible airport to downtown Manhattan.

Aside from its popularity, Teterboro Airport is also the oldest among New York Area airports, with its origins dating back to 1919. It has remained in continuous operation since then. Covering nearly the entire borough of Teterboro City, the airport is nestled amidst residential areas. To mitigate noise concerns in these neighborhoods, TEB has implemented noise abatement procedures, including a curfew and a weight limit of 100,000 lbs.

Nevertheless, in exceptional circumstances, aircraft can land or take off during late hours.

TEB accommodates approximately 94 charter aircraft and a multitude of Part 91 (privately operated) jets of varying sizes. The airport boasts two runways: a 7,000-foot north-south runway and a 6,000-foot southwest-to-northeast runway. Both runways are adequately long to accommodate jet traffic of all sizes. However, due to Teterboro's popularity and its proximity to other major commercial airports in New York, occasional delays may occur.

Teterboro Airport is home to five Fixed Base Operators (FBOs), several of which also function as charter operators. These FBOs are strategically located around the airport, offering multiple entry points and catering to individual client preferences.

Teterboro often proves to be a convenient choice for Manhattan residents, offering excellent amenities. Nevertheless, the surrounding areas lack scenic views, and traffic can become challenging during specific times of the day. However, despite these challenges, Teterboro remains the preferred choice for many private jet travelers, with no signs of waning popularity.

KHPN – White Plains – Westchester County Airport

irplane display at Westchester Airport showcasing a variety of aircraft against the backdrop of the airport's facilities
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White Plains emerges as the second most favored departure point for private jet flyers in the New York area. Nestled in northern Westchester County, it provides seamless access to and from the city via routes such as the Hutchinson Parkway. These routes, including the Hutch, offer a convenient, car-only route that typically flows smoothly. The location also proves advantageous for West Chester residents, who can enjoy the proximity to one of New York City's top airports.

Unlike Teterboro, KHPN (Westchester County Airport) houses several airlines and maintains a commercial terminal. However, the terminal's size is only slightly larger than the surrounding Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) and privately owned Part 91 hangars. The airport serves as a hub for more Part 91 aircraft than any other airport in the country, with numerous Fortune 500 companies housing their flight departments here. This ensures that private jet users continue to enjoy a significant advantage at this airport, even in matters that concern airline operations.

Boasting a picturesque layout and serving as a convenient local airport for those residing north of the city or in nearby Greenwich and Stafford, Connecticut, White Plains ranks as an excellent choice for arrivals and departures. It is less prone to delays compared to Teterboro Airport, given its location well north of major commercial air traffic. Due to its lower popularity, private jet operators often have greater availability, potentially resulting in cost savings for clients.

FRG- Farmingdale – Republic Airport and ISP Islip – McArthur Airports

The 100,000 square foot FBO complex, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, is located at Republic Airport (KFRG) in Farmingdale, New York.
Republic Jet Center - Republic Airport (KFRG) #NuCojets #privatejetcharter

Farmingdale and Islip airports are both located in close proximity to Long Island, situated east of New York City post. Due to their proximity, we have grouped them together for this discussion. Farmingdale Airport is situated along Highway 111, while Islip-McArthur Airport enjoys a convenient location along the I-495 corridor, albeit a few miles further east. These airports are well-suited for serving clients residing on Long Island or in the eastern boroughs of New York.

Two additional airports, East Hampton and West Hampton, are situated on Long Island, which makes Farmingdale and Islip slightly less favored for residents and travelers bound for the Hamptons. Nonetheless, using these airports can lead to cost savings compared to positioning aircraft to the Hamptons. Islip is a commercial airport, so private flights may experience delays during peak hours. In contrast, Farmingdale operates as an executive airport, offering quicker turnaround times for takeoffs and landings.

Farmingdale boasts two jet-length runways arranged perpendicularly, and Islip has 4 runways, 3 jet-length, and one turboprop-length runway. The airports both have great modern FBOs, 2 major national chains at Farmingdale, and 3 at Islip. Both Airports are home to a number of excellent charter operators. Farmingdale has 45 Part 135 aircraft and Islip is home to 28, ranging from turboprops to full-size Large Jets. Islip, in particular, has several newer Legacy 600 aircraft that are a slightly lower-cost alternative to Gulfstream GIV-type products.

While these airports are not the first that passengers often think of when flying to New York, they should certainly be considered when chartering jets to or from New York City. Depending on the time of the day and one's final destination, either of these airports may be an excellent alternative for private jet users. They offer lighter traffic and great facilities.

If you'd like to learn more about private jet travel options in New York or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact a charter specialist at NuCo Jets


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