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Why You Should Plan Your Private Jet Charter in Advance

A beautiful private jet getting ready to take off from a caribbean airport
Clear for Take off

The demand for private jet charters has surged during the Covid-19 pandemic as individuals seek to minimize exposure risks. Private flights offer the allure of quieter airports, fewer passengers, private lounges, and a crew that hasn’t been in contact with large crowds - all highly appealing advantages during a pandemic.

However, despite this increased demand, the supply of private jet charters hasn't quite caught up, and the industry, like many others, has faced Covid-related staffing shortages. So, the question arises: when should you book a private jet? The answer is simple: as early as possible.

Benefits of Early Private Jet Booking

A reputable broker like NuCo Jets will provide a personalized service, striving to meet your needs before, during, and after your flight. Whether you require pet-friendly travel, special cargo accommodations, security arrangements, or gourmet catering onboard, we at NuCo Jets pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive service. However, fulfilling your specific requirements becomes much smoother with ample time.

A full loove at the interior of a ultra long range private jet
Opulence at its best

Booking in advance offers several advantages:

  • Access to Additional Services: Extra services become more accessible with early booking.

  • Better Pricing: Prices tend to be lower for advance bookings as we have more flexibility to find the best deal.

  • Preferred Travel Arrangements: Securing the most convenient travel dates, times, and departure points is easier with early booking.

While last-minute flights are still possible, you may need to consider traveling from a more distant airport to find a suitable plane, incurring additional costs for repositioning. Additionally, pilots and crew require a minimum two-hour callout period for pre-flight preparations.

Advance Booking for Peak Travel Periods

A comparision showing the increase and frequency of on demand non peak call outs from Mar-22 dating back to Dec. 2021
Non-Peak call-out

A comparison showing the increase of peak season travel dates in the private jet charter industry
Peak Days

For travel during major holidays and celebrations, expect heightened demand. Late bookings may result in difficulty securing desired services and flights at reasonable prices. Planning ahead is crucial for events like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, spring break, or summer vacations.

A calendar showing a potential jet flyer planning their upcoming journey.
Put it on the Calendar

How Early Should You Book?

Ideally, book your private jet charter one to three months in advance. This timeframe allows operators to assess plane availability while providing you with the best options for your needs and budget. Prices tend to rise and options become limited in the final month before departure, particularly within the last week.

While last-minute deals, such as empty leg flights, may be available, booking earlier ensures peace of mind and access to your preferred aircraft.

Nuco Jets is a global provider of on-demand private jet charter solutions

Optimal Service from NuCo Jets

While NuCo Jets can accommodate urgent flight needs, we advise against leaving charter requests until the last minute unless absolutely necessary. Flexibility with departure dates can result in better deals, but the best practice is to book as soon as your travel dates are confirmed.

Ready to book your trip with NuCo Jets? Request a quote or contact us at +1-855-682-6538 or Our team is ready to assist you in planning your next private jet travel experience.


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